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“So much fun, not a single boring moment. The staff really help you get into it! Laughed the entire time.”

SUCH A FREAKING BLAST!!!! My Husband and I came and fought each other and laughed the whole time and left with such joy filled hearts! It REALLY IS great for date night or family night! Cost efficient too (which come on! We all need that extra penny to save!)
Elizabeth F.

It’s so much fun. It’s cheap it’s crazy . I got to beat up my best friend! 🙂

Megan G.
The best five bucks I have ever spent, plus the pleasure of seeing my boyfriend fly…yes I, a 5’4″ made my 6 foot something hunk fly and he laughed while on the ground 🙂
Melissa T.

The staff was super friendly and really fun. We had an awesome time. Definitely recommend this!

Madeleine S.